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Dear Brother

I am so glad once again to meet you with the reports from Orphanage, prison visit, and reports from the Churches. Your support and prayer has helped us to spread the gospel in Nepal and share God’s love in action. It is a privilege and honor for me to bring it to you. Thank you for standing with us through 2011.

Supporting two leader in Nepal Tibet border

We would like to support two leaders that are working in Nepal Tibet border. We have been there and we saw how much they labor for the gospel and in reaching out the mountain people and Tibetan people. We just want to encourage them. Supporting them 100 US dollar per month would be a great help to feed their family and do evangelistic work. Many Pastors and workers are self supported but these two need our helps. I know you have been doing so much for us and it is extra burden to find help for them but we can share this to others. Let us extend our ministry in Nepal Tibet border. Anyone can support them for 6 month, 9 month or 1 year.

Yesterday we had a beautiful and emotional moment in Prison in Dillibajar in Kathmandu. We spent 3 hours ministering them. I did not say any thing about any body as an announcement. We were 12 and we sang christian songs. It was a small block, Block B’. Small Hostel and so many prisoners. They sleep very close with each other. No sufficient beds. Some slept under the wooden bed. We use to play hide and seek under bed when I was small. There were about 125 people in that block and there are 7 Block in that prison. And there are 4 Centers in Kathmandu alone. Many young people ears were pierced. Many seems to be from 20-35 and in average 8 years of their life were spent in prison and much more to spend. Many sent me message for their families. We provided them food and meat. Christians books and Newspapers. Preached to them and comforted them. They listened very carefully. Many asked me to come and visit them. They told me to send the message how much they miss their family members. Many of them seems to realize that they did some thing wrong and did not understand their life and meaning. We spread the Christian materials upon the Table and they look to it. At the end I said this is for you guys you can have it and every body rushed to it and picked it up within 2 seconds. They are desperately hungry for some thing. They miss their family members and their loved ones so much. And I believe God misses them so much likewise. Some asked me if we have some copies of Bibles, I told them we finished it.
Cameras were not allowed there, including cell phone, atm card, memory card, citizenship card, metals. I can say with one word it was very very emotional moment for all of us there. I asked the In charge of that block what if we could give you books for your in-mates? Can you give us room for the Library? He was excited and said YES and as soon as room is extended we will go with books and newspapers for the Libraries.
I arrived in Kathmandu on 13th night, thank you all for your prayer. I will be going out again after a week or so. With other brothers to village to help build school for poor in Dungdunge.

Dear Friend


I bring you the ministry report from June 2011 about an orphan girl in Makwapur, and about the report regarding starting a School for the poor children in Ilam, and about the orphanage that we are going to build in Urlabari, as well as some of the information for your kind prayer, for our various future programs. I want to thank you for your precious prayer and financial support for the Lord’s work in Nepal. You have played vital role by encouraging and supporting us. Without your support, we would not have been coming to this far. God promised us that ‘Give and it shall be given unto you, for with the same measure that ye mete with it shall be measured to you again’. You have given and we believe God will give you more and that the law of the spiritual harvest mention in 2 Corinthian 9 would manifest in your life, in front of your very eye.


We started Bible School and it needs your help to go continue. There are 12 students and most of them are leaders in Christian ministry. I believe that development of leaders is the number one need and solution to the great commission. If we are to go to all the world and win many people to Jesus then Bible training is the most.

Nepal still need the gospel. Most of the place there is no church. We would like to send pioneer person to do God’s work. To do this we need to equipped the leaders for the work of the ministry. And to start school you need finance to do this. People wants to read reports, look to images but they don’t support. And we face the difficult part.

Right now I am facing difficulty to feed the students, prepare them bed for sleeping. If you are reading this blog please help and support us financially. Be our partner to the gospel. Bible School will go until 15 November. And there are 16 people including kitchen staff, teachers and others.

Any amount is thankfully accepted for the Bible School. Please share this to your friend who might want to become a gospel partner with us in making of leaders for the gospel.

Thank you

God bless you



My most precious partner and co-laborer in the Gospel,

I’m writing this to you from the depth of my heart to say thank you for all you have done for us and for our precious Jesus, whom we love with all of our being.

I feel deeply in my spirit from the Lord to write this to you. I request you to allow me to approach to you with this type of document. You know that work of the Lord is not just talking only it is doing also. And you have stood with me through thick and thin over the years. For that I thank you with all my heart.

I know the Lord of glory will reward you Himself again and again for your love toward Him. I do need your kindness and favor once again. I’m coming to you today with an urgent need. There is no way I can go. As you know, I come to you only if I feel the urgent necessity. I want to thank you for allowing me to share what the Lord has put in my heart.

I am challenged to rise up 12330 US dollar to pay the price of a land in Urlabari-2, Morang where we are praying and planning to build up a home for orphans and widows. We made contract with the land owner and we have already paid $2740 as an advance pledge and we do still need $9590 to clear the due. Final Dateline for payment is 31st December 2010 and we have to pay them on monthly installment. The lord has told us as a Christian nothing but to care for the ‘orphans and widows’. This led us to have a house where needy people such as orphans and widows would be sheltered and raise up to serve the Lord. “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”James 1: 27.

Dear Friends

I am honored and thankful to everyone who prayed for me and for my ministry. In July and August, I stayed in Kathmandu with my wife and children. I spent my time my time reading books, Thompson chain reference Bible. I taught my wife and Children how to write email. I took them to the supermarket and they were so glad because children chose what they like.

I spend time praying for you and giving thanks to God for you. I visited my disciples, prayed for them, cast out demons and healed the sick. A man was miraculously delivered from a demon attack. His wife and children were terrified and afraid to stay with him. Now they are happy he is quite normal and going for a job.

Reuben I played with the children of the Church in Sunday school and the children loved me. I bought them sweets and the donuts and they were happy. I made phone calls to my leaders in the village and encouraged them in their service to the Lord. Every one desired tohave a teaching conference in their place for their disciples. I really enjoyed being in home with my family in this summer. Resting is really fun.

ten thousand gospel tract printed

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